Monthly Archives: July 2005

Kevin Crowe

Hello All, I have mislaid Kevin Crower’s Snail Mail address. Can someone help? Thanks, Peter

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Early season

Hi Graham, Interesting that you consider the season early. Down our way we are tracking 2 weeks later than last year which I consider to have been an early start.…

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Photos of seedlings

Hi Our season is in full swing now and it looks like being fairly early for a large number of our early miniatures unless things get a bit colder in…

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Carl Amason

Thera Lou Adams has just emailed me and asked me to tell all of you that Carl Amason died last night. His memorial service is at 10 a.m. on Tuesday,…

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RNA intereference

  I don’t know if anyone else heard the Nova “Science Now” feature on NPR last week on the discovery of RNAi, discovered in petunias.  If interested you can see…

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ADS Board newsletter

July 29, 2005

Dear Mary Lou,   Thank you for the newsletter which arrived yesterday.   Theo

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