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Daffodil Seeds Germination

A while back I lamented about my daffodil seeds not germinating that I had planted in 2014 as they usually sprout and show themselves about Christmas. Mitch Carney told me…

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Question about nematode studies

As a master gardener I’ve noticed that the NC State University that sponsors the Extension service in NC has a standard statement when it comes to fighting nematodes and that…

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Presentation for DAR

On the 13th of March I made a presentation to the Outer Banks DAR chapter. I was wearing my blue NIDG Tie and holding a vase of daffodils when this…

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Unknown Daffodil

Hi Guys, This was a volunteer from about 6 years ago when I was moving my daffodils to our new home in NC. It looks like Snook 6Y-Y, but to…

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Daffodil Show and Cold

Three weeks until our show and only two “cold” half-frozen daffodils in bloom. It’s 28 “F” out there and a cold strong wind making it fell like 13 “F” according…

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Comment to Editorial in the December 2014 ADS Journal

January 30, 2015

I received the following from a member of our local society that is Daffnet “shy” and am posting for this fairly new member that also is also an ADS member:…

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