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In Memoriam Posted in the September 2016 ADS Journal

September 24, 2016

Hi daffnet, I’ve had my September 2016 ADS Journal for a week or so now. Jolene Laughlin did a marvelous job.  I got use to the change in font very…

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N. willkommii

Hi, I don’t like to do this, but I have some N. willkommii seed that I didn’t use when I planted my daffodil hybridized seeds this year.  They are open…

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Strange Bulb Configuration

Hi, I was sent the picture  and the message below from a friend, Bob Issak, who shows up to some of the Daffodil Shows and helps out but may not…

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Pine needles or Pine Straw as Mulch

Lesson learned: Digging daffodils has always been one of most liked subjects to talk about and the least liked to do.  For those without this life altering experience 🙂 digging…

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Miniature Daffodils

Hi, This year I dug my miniatures, all of them.  I have slightly over 100 varieties counting some N. species and some hybrids of both Graham Fleming and mine.  I…

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The Barco, NC Daffodil Show March 2016

Hi again, The Marie Bozievich Award was won my Glenna Graves; Lavalier 5YYW-W Hot Gossip 2Y-O Abbey Elizabeth 4Y-O Conestoga 2W-GYO Oregon Trail 1Y-R Gull 2W-GWW Supreme Empire 2W-P Sideling…

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