Discussions and photos about miniature size daffodils (less than 32.5 cm or 12.5 inch tall).

2016 2Y-Y sdl and mini novelty

August 15, 2016

Very pleased to see this new 2Y-Y sdl appearing so early in the season plus this mini odd-ball, which I’ll keep.

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White Trumpets

Spring has come early by a couple of weeks for some varieties. The flower not yet registered as Yazjoy opened in July. Unfortunately is is 1-2 mm short of being…

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Different paperwhites flower here in Canberra from about April to September. Flowering time is influenced by both rainfall and temperature. A couple more paperwhite N. broussonetii seedlings have flowered here and…

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Strange Bulb Configuration

Hi, I was sent the picture  and the message below from a friend, Bob Issak, who shows up to some of the Daffodil Shows and helps out but may not…

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Early July

We are heading into mid-winter here but nevertheless there are plenty of daffodils. Bulbocodiums of course: Some nice tazettas – just. A cyclataz from N. cyclamineus x Autumn Colors: Some…

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Pine needles or Pine Straw as Mulch

Lesson learned: Digging daffodils has always been one of most liked subjects to talk about and the least liked to do.  For those without this life altering experience 🙂 digging…

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