Discussions and photographs about standard height daffodils.

1Y-R seedling

Hi Everyone Spring has come early here in Dunedin with plenty of flowers out. A cross I did in 2007 was between Ohakune a Max Hamilton raised 1Y-O and Glenfarclas.…

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Flowering in Canberra now – Part 2

September 7, 2014

  Hi A few more seedlings. We have flowered a number of giant bulbocodiums this year. I intend naming the giant bulbocodium Goszilla Clay as all of our named giants…

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A Beauty from Kevin Kerr

As many of you know, our dear friend Kevin Kerr has been battling a brain tumour for over 4 years now.  He made his last crosses in 2008.  Some of…

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Early Season

It is now early season here. Habit has started flowering, which is one of the first, as have a number of early selections. Early division 3’s are rare for me…

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Ikebana enthusiast has a question.

A friend of mine wants to grow tazetta/species (?) that have leaves that are a minimum of 16″long–prefers 2 feet.When in fields in Japan he said the narcissus were over…

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Crystal Blanc and New Penny

New Penny is a highly regarded 3Y-Y that seems certain to establish itself into daffodil pedigrees. 02/268 = New Penny x Badbury Rings 10/247 = 02/268 x (Citronita x Nynja)?…

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