Discussion by daffodil hybridzers around the world, about daffodil fertility and breeding programs accompanied with many photos of seedlings.

Autumn 17#6

There is no obvious boundary between autumn and winter here. It sure feels like winter. There were enough flowers to pick a bunch for a friend’s birthday. The bunch includes…

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N. ‘Sheskin’ probably my favourite pink for exhibition nowadays

These flowers of N. ‘Sheskin’ have spent almost a month in a fridge at 2.5C – they look a bit tired and show a rim rather than solid pink in…

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Lessons Learned from the past daffodil season

Hi, I’m hoping this will be taken in the humor it was intended.  I had a few lessons learned from the past season that I thought was comical enough to…

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Autumn 17#5

Bulbocodium season has now started. The first of the viridiflorus hybrids has just finished which means it has lasted over 2 weeks.               A…

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Surprise Blue Ribbon

I was sent a picture today from the Chambersburg, PA Daffodil show (a couple weeks ago) of my seedling #11-35 that I had given up on.  It’s a jonquil (cordubensis)…

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Sad News

April 25, 2017

I learned last night, of the recent death in the UK of Richard Brook. He would have been personally known to older ADS members from his several visits to the…

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