Clay Higgins, North Carolina

Daffodil Digging

June 19, 2017

Categories: American Daffodil Society, Daffodil Enthusiasts, General

Daffodil Digging is the one part of showing daffodils that I really don’t like and dread each year as summer approaches.  I go out to the daffodil beds with my bags for collecting bulbs, name tags, and a digging instrument, and I go with hesitation. I don’t really want to do it, and I start slow.  The first couple of days I dig for a few minutes and I sit on my bench for a few minutes, then dig some more.

As the days go along I get into it with more vigor.  By the second week of only working 2 hours a day at digging, I suddenly can stay at it for a couple of hours before I have to sit on the bench.  By the time the daffodil digging is finished, I am feeling strong and dig with energy.  Than it’s over.  Just when I start feeling like I can dig daffodils without the storm cloud hanging over my head.

I have dug my daffodils for the year.  YEAH!


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