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ADS Daffodil Display Garden Designation

January 26, 2008

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I’ve finally found the time to read the December edition of ADS Daffodil Journal.  Other than the National Convention in Richmond, I have found two of the articles that I want to make comment on.  This first one of the Daffodil Display Garden Designation, and the other on Chriss Rainey’s “Making the Very Most of the Daffodils You’ve Got” (“How to decide what to enter and where”)
I’ll get to Chriss’ article on a second email.  The first comment is on the ADS Daffodil Display Garden Designation.
That said, and the fact that my DAFFODIL GARDEN has been used by Master Gardeners, Garden Clubs, and others for years to review to see how a Daffodil Garden looks, I want to be one of the first to have my garden in North Carolina certified as a Daffodil Display Garden!!! 
Sara Van Beck I hope to see you at the Georgia in a month or so at the Atlanta Daffodil Show, and hopefully have time to talk to you about it around the show timing.
What are the requirements for the new Daffodil Display Garden?  I have daffodils of all 13 divisions, both in dedicated daffodil beds with rows, as well as daffodils planted for beautification of my landscape.
This spring I already have requests from three Master Gardens groups to review my garden: Master Gardener Volunteers of Currituck County: Master Gardeners of Dare County; & Master Gardeners of Chowan County.
Let’s get the Daffodil Display Gardens started.
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