Jaydee Ager, Georgia

ADS membership commercial

January 20, 2008

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Daffnet Friends, this is my routine appeal for you to join ADS.  Our outstanding Daffodil Journal is published quarterly, and you will receive it as a member.  If you are a Daffnetter, but not an ADS member, I invite you to join today.  You can easily join, using your credit card, on our ADS webstore, which is:  www.daffodilusastore.org.  You can also go to our ADS website, www.daffodilusa.org, and print out a membership form, and send in a check.  Dues for an individual are $20 for one year, or $50 for three years.  Household/family membership is $25 for one year, and $60 for three years (one Journal).  We cordially invite you to join today!


Jaydee Atkins Ager

Executive Director

American Daffodil Society, Inc.


PO Box 522

Hawkinsville, GA  31036  USA


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