Brian’s naming of Azocor

January 10, 2008

Categories: Hybridizer, Hybridizing

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Neil Watson related the story of the naming of Azocor after I won a blue ribbon at the national with a bloom of it. Seems Brian ran around in the morning saying he had to take “a Zocor” (medication for something or other) and they just ran the words together to get Azocor. Does anyone else have naming stories? I know Bill Pannill and Murray Evans used to drink together and came up with a few names after a few bottles! Rod Barwick manages clever twists with his “Wild Women” and the mystery characters for his bulb. series. Just another entertaining aspect to daffodil education!

One response to “Brian’s naming of Azocor”

  1. Clay Higgins says:

    Bill Pannill once told a story, I think it was in Asheville, NC., a few years back, of grooming daffodils with Murray Evens and working with this one daffodil that was hard to groom but they finally got it to a perfect stage and were saying that they could make a ‘Silk Purse’ out of a “Sow’s” ear; thus the name.  Bill, I know you are on daffnet, so if I got this one wrong, please jump in.

    Clay Higgins