early daffodils

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Hi All,
My first daffodil of the season greeted me late this afternoon. It has a small cup with two yellows, one fairly dark. I do not know its name and I do not recall seeing it before but perhaps it has been resting.
Just up the road in someones yard was a bright yellow one on Jan. 6th and I think perhaps it is early Va but mine are more in the shade and do not bloom until the later part of Jan. On the hillside near the road about 8 huge Oaks died in the summer of 06 and I thought let them stand so they birds can build nests in the cavities and fine insects in the rotted wood but now the wind tells me I maybe composted if I wander near them. So 2 days ago most were cut down but not cleared from the upcoming Daffodils so my blooms maybe sparse in that area but there will be many more about the other areas here.
More construction is going on near the sites where many of us dug last year on
the way to La. so I will let you know if there are anymore that need rescuing. I bet you hope I do not find any or you will be compelled to find them new homes.
Thera Lou Adams