Bob Spotts, California

Flowering before death

January 10, 2008

Category: Show Results

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Daffodil Friends,
Way back in 1989 the NCDS hosted an ADS Daffodil Convention in San Francisco. Being a National Show at home it was right at my peak bloom time and I much wanted to win Best in Show. It seemed now-or-never since we in California had a distinct advantage – the show was too early for the major exhibitors elsewhere to have blooms. But, there were some substantial folks in California to beat – eg, Sid DuBose, Bill Roese, Stan Baird and Jan Moyers.
Two unlikely cultivars came to my rescue. My one bulb of ‘Creag Dubh’ bloomed large, broad, flat and orange. And my one bulb of ‘Homestead’ gave an extraordinary bloom – large, flat, heavy substance – here where whites don’t grow. Each just in time for the show, fresh, as though I managed it that way.
These two blooms were judged Best and Reserve Best in the Show!
I moved to a new property less than two months later, digging all my bulbs and taking them from El Sobrante to Oakley. When I looked for these two bulbs to lift them, each was only a rotting mess. They saved their best for last.

One response to “Flowering before death”

  1. Sandra Stewart says:

    Take heart, Bob. I saw them both blooming here last spring – all dressed up and no show to go to 😉 1989 was also the year Autumn Stewart was born the day after the San Francisco earthquake!