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I was able to get the bulbs from Von Bourgondien at no special request, since they were and are still selling them, though some items are sold out. Thanks for asking the right questions, so that I’d know better how to describe some of the bulbs. They were not squishy in the sense that they were wet; they were squishy in the sense of being dry.
I should have saved a few for the purpose of determining how things looked inside, but, alas, I disposed of them. Among those ordered were mixed butterfly, Palmares, a bag of doubles, Dutch Master. I don’t know the reference to the term 14-16 cm, but if the reference means “centimeters in circumference”, I need to call them back, since some would be only a small bit too large to fit into a thimble. As much as 30 % of a bag advertized at 12-14 cm would indeed fit into a thimble.