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January 7, 2008

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Now why miss bonnie didn’t see fit to send this to DaffNet I don’t know -!
But i find it of great interest, being a Bowles fan myself, not to mention really enjoying the hunt of identifying old daffs….

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Don’t know if you get this from Sunshine Farm & Gardens, but I thought this one on a particular daffodil would be of interest.


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Edward Augustus Bowles, “Gussie” or “EA” as he was known to his friends, was one of the 20th century’s greatest gardeners. He was born at Myddelton House in Enfield, England on the 14th of May 1865 and died in 1954, just one week short of his 89th birthday. He’s responsible for selecting and naming a multitude of exceptional garden plants, such as Carex elata ‘Bowles Golden’, a plant that is still popular today. “Gussie” was also a prolific author, and his series, “My Garden in Spring”, “My Garden in Summer” and “My Garden in Autumn and Winter” are among my most favorite reads. More information about Bowles and the society formed in his honor to further the dissemination of his extensive work in Horticulture can be found at – http://eabowlessociety.org.uk/

E A Bowles

Unfortunately, many of Bowles’ magnificent selections have been lost to cultivation over the years. However, every once in a while, a fanatic British gardener rediscovers an EA Bowles selection in an abandoned garden, an old cemetery or in the garden of a person that has been growing “pass along” plants from their grandparents. My good news for you today is that I can share word with you of such a discovery. While I have no romantic details of how this plant was rediscovered to convey to you, I can offer the actual plant.

The plant is Narcissus ‘Bowles Early Sulphur’ and it came to me by way of my dear friends, John and Galen Carter, of Rowden Gardens in Brentor near Tavistock in Devon, England. On one of my past visits to their charming nursery, they bestowed a gift of this diminutive treasure upon me and I’ve been admiring it every Winter since. Narcissus ‘Bowles Early Sulphur’ is the earliest blooming Narcissus I’ve ever heard of, sometimes blooming through the snows of late January and early February. Its delightful 3″ to 5″ stature, prolific nature and brilliant color make it the talk of the Winter Garden. The description “prolific” is an understatement as a single bulb will produce 2-6 new bulbs yearly. Before you know it, you’ll have a huge colony with ample bulbs to share with friends.

Narcissus ‘Bowles Early Sulphur’

What I’ll be sending you are small one year old bareroot bulbs that may or may not flower this year, but will for sure flower next year.

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