Happy New Year from N. Ireland

January 1, 2008

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Hi All,
      Wishing you all avery happy and healthy 2008.
    Attached a photo I meant to send long ago.  The speaker at our November meeting was Mark Vandervliet of New Generation Daffodils Limited, Cornwall, England.
  Mark grows nearly 400 acres of daffodils mainly for the cut flower trade.  Unlike many other growers he is trialing some newer varieties.  It was interesting to hear about what is looked for in a cut flower daffodil.  Things such as earliness and ability to open from pencil buds are important as well as fast bulb increase and disease resistance.
  In photograph (left to right)  Mark vandervliet;  George Wilson (hard working cttee member and production manager of our journal) and Ian Scroggy who posts a lot of photos from our shows on daffnet.

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