Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi

Meg Yerger

January 5, 2008

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Reading Jaydee’s appreciative words, and then turning to the magnificent tribute in the Baltimore Sun, about Meg Yerger, one of the ADS legends, I’m struck anew about how many interesting facets of our members’ lives we never know—or know too late to ask questions about them.

I remember Meg as devoted to poets, and to green-eyed daffodils, and willing to talk endlessly about them. But I wish I’d known about her piloting experiences, for instance.

We never know–but we’d like to.
Loyce McKenzie


3 responses to “Meg Yerger”

  1. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:

    Meg was not only in the Hybridizers Robin, but also the Director of the Poet Robin back in the 70s and 80s.  Members kept extensive records of the poets we were growing, from date of bloom, to shape of the petals, size, size of the cup, etc., to which ones developed a white line near the edge of the cup as it matured or aged.  For instance, it was noted that ‘Ace of Diamonds’ 9 W-GOR at the time, developed a white line between the O and the R as it grew.  There was discussion of whether those with the white line were descended from either N. poeticus or N. radiiflorus, but I don’t remember that we ever reached a conclusion.  Our observations were collated, but probably never went beyond the members of the poet robin.
    As she got older, but still kept to her hybridizing, she told me she sometimes had trouble getting up–so she would roll on the ground to a chair or some object which she could use to help her get up. Old hybridizers never give up . . .  🙂  She was quite a lady.
    For those of you who read the obit in the Baltimore paper, ‘Wag-the-Chief’ is the miniature poet which she bred, but subsequently lost.
    Mary Lou

  2. David Liedlich says:

    Hey Donna;

    I gathered from another letter, and now yours as well, what a wonderful person Meg was.  Unfortunate I am never to have made her acquaintance, yet still lucky to be touched by the lives of others who have.

    Dave Liedlich

  3. Larry Force says:
    Hello everyone,
    I was very sorry to hear of the passing of Meg Yerger. Though I never knew her, I really wish I had. About the time I became envolved with ADS her health began to fail and a lot of us somewhat newer members never had the privilege of knowing her personally. As my interest in the poets has increased, I have been reading a lot of her articles in earlier journals and it is very evident that the poets were truly one of the loves of her life. She knew so much about them and their history. Her legend lives on in the cultivars of poets she left us. Once again one of the great daffodil lovers and hybridizers has left us. As she joins Engleheart, Wilson, Brodie, Mitch and the many other poet hybridizers, poet lovers and growers in that great daffodil garden in the sky, Wow, you can bet they come up with some great ones.
    A great article she wrote about the poets and their hybridizers is in the June 1985 Daffodil Journal.
    Regards and Happy New Year Everyone,
    Larry Force