Planting times in the American South

January 10, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Growing Daffodils, Historics, Planting, Species

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To stir the pot, or add an observation:
I try to plant around Labor Day in Atlanta, and i live in IN-town Atlanta which is warmer than the rest of the joint…
I wait for the weather to break, as it always has in the past 12 yrs, around the first week of Sept. The heat is off, it starts to cool some in the evenings (as opposed to NOT cool off at all).
Also with note: i plant mostly rescued historics and species. I don’t fiddle with show flowers with rare/specific exception.
I started planting early when i was digging around years ago, and hit daff roots over Labor Day. Oops.
Made me decide to plant on the schedule that these long-adapted bubs were already on.
This really seems to hold true with anything that smells like a true tazetta.
Doesn’t mean i get them all in, doesn’t mean i’m still not finding stuff into Thanksgiving (or this year late arrivals and so into Dec), but by and large i’m chugging in Sept/Oct.
Now Bonnie Campbell, 20-odd miles south of me, NEVER plants til after Thanksgiving, and often around/after X-mas…

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