snowdrop bulbs 003

January 23, 2008

Categories: General, Non-Daffodil

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Dear Nancy and All,

  I’ve observed exactly the same thing on my Snowdrop bulbs.  Yes, if they want to be closer to the surface, they have a way to get there.

  Have many Snowdrops showing buds, but just two have buds released from the spathe with a stalk beneath them.  A third is released but has very little stalk so far.  They’ve been put on hold by our current cold spell, and they’re holding.  Alas, alas, not a peep out of ‘Cedric Morris’ yet.  First flower of spring opened January 12th:  Adonis amurensis.  Much tinier than the ones in Tom Tindall’s garden.  I think these are the ones Chen Yi calls Adonis sibirica.  They’ve stayed closed more than they opened.  Cyclamen coum buds had been prone; since mid-January they’ve been standing up.



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