Spot the Gaff

January 20, 2008

Categories: Fertility, Hybridizing

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Hi trainspotters, may I ask David, how do you know how the pollen from Di-Hard was not viable??? Deborah

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One Response to Spot the Gaff

  1. January 26, 2008 at 1:16 am
    Hi Deborah,
    In the case of Di-hard there were no yellow pollen grains on the anthers. It was obvious that the anthers had been wet and therefore the pollen destroyed.
    Now we need a real expert to come in on this as I am guessing that your true question is ‘How do you recognise viable pollen?’ Personally I dunno. If its yellow and looks fresh then I use it. Max Hamilton and others have the skill to observe pollen under a small microscope and can tell immediately if it is viable. This is one for PDK to give you the real answer.