Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi

Volunteer, anyone???

January 27, 2008

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Dear Daffnetters,
Is there a would-be, wanta-be author/compiler out there who was very interested in all of Keith Kridler’s postings, and the responses, about planting, in various combinations,
—who would like to take them all and work them into an educational, helpful, realistic article for the June Journal, deadline May l or earlier—earlier might be just as helpful.
I still have them in my inbox, and can forward all of them to you, to put together in an organized or semi-organized fashion.
Let me know if this strikes your fancy, please.

Loyce McKenzie,
Journal editor

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2 responses to “Volunteer, anyone???”

  1. Barbara and Len Weber says:

    Loyce…….You read my mind. As I have been reading all these suggestions, including Kathy’s “liquid” help, I thought how much it would help all of us newer exhibiters in staging our flowers. I’ve made several bloops. And what about remembering to bring a flower that you weren’t sure was good, but did it anyway, and won a gold. We have a saying about ideas that are good, “A fella could do that.” (but usually, we don’t). Thanks, every one for sharing.
    Barbara in snowy, Corvallis, Oregon

  2. Rimmer de Vries says:

    B&L Weber wrote: Maybe the judges were using too much staging fluid….
    Rimmer de Vries, Michigan Zone 5