Double Version of N. Chinese Sacred Lily

February 3, 2008

Category: Growing Daffodils

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Looking into the greenhouse today I found one bulb of the N. “Chinese Sacred Lily” had double flowers, and this one stem had eight flowers on it. Still the same great fragrance which is not found in other “paper whites”. I have been growing these for 5 or 6 years about 50 each year but have never seen the double flowers. Vijay

2 responses to “Double Version of N. Chinese Sacred Lily”

  1. Keith Kridler says:

    I believe there is a double form of Chinese Sacred Lily called Constantinople. Since many of these doubles came from a “sport” or a natural doubling of the single flower they are often not very stable. During bad years or for other reasons sometimes these doubles can bloom as singles for several years and then go back to doubles when you have good conditions again.
    Ice King from Ice Follies is one that is variable from year to year.
    Double Campernelle is another that comes to mind.
    Van Zion is always variable.
    I don’t think I have EVER seen Erlicheer revert to single blooms.
    I would like to see other comments along these lines about doubling in the flowers from more knowledgeable growers! Keith Kridler Mt. Pleasant, Texas Where temperatures are bouncing from 20*F to 80*F (-7*C>27*C) like a yoyo. Currently over night lows are 70*F or 22*C.

  2. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:

    Very interesting, Vijay. I wonder if this is going to be stable. Lovely flowers. I went to to see if Bill Welch had anything to say. Like Keith, I had heard of the double ‘Constantinople’. Interestingly, Bill Welch said that is different than Double Chinese Sacred Lily. Bill has a photo of Double Chinese, but not ‘Constatinople’ on his website.
    Mary Lou