First Born in Alabama today – Twins!!

February 24, 2008

Categories: Hybridizing, Seedling

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Hi y’all
you might know I don’t spend much time in the daffodils lately but I went out today to see what was blooming and WOW! what before my wondering eyes did appear but two blooms on N. cyclamineus! no, not two blooms on the same stem. There’s one more bud coming on so I’ll have a vase of 3 if I decide to pick them?
Now I forget who sent me these seed? someone downunder I remember.
I’ve planted these several times from seed in the past and followed a lot of complicated advice the first couple of times I tried to raise them. But then I came to my senses the last time and followed Martha Anderson’s advice and “just planted ’em” This was out in the side yard where it did get a lot of shade in summer, but then y’all will remember that my best pecan shade tree blew down. This little spot is now very hot and dry and I didn’t water anything during our drought – thank goodness now that’s just a memory 😉
I did put some bricks around them and a label so I might see where they were and last week didn’t see anything for weeds. Now I can’t remember how many years it’s been since I planted these last ditch efforts, but I guess it’s been at least 5 years.
Does anyone else in Alabama grow these? Sorry no pics – but worse – no show to go to – darn it!
Also have a fabulously perfect 2y-o bloom on a Falstaff x Gunsynd seedling. A big patch of Monal blooming!
Spring is here in Alabama!

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