Ice Follies/sport & Ice King

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You find all sorts of stuff when you wander around in large groups of daffodils. 5442 is a shot of Ice King the double form of Ice Follies. We planted a stray bulb found on the bulb garage floor along our east fence. Back in 1985 the background of this shot was an open field of our neighbors. The trees in the background are what happens when you don’t mow a pasture for 20 some years. The edges of our property are filled with tiny groups of flowering bulbs. We rogue out the strays and move them to spots I will never dig because of all of the tree roots.
Then you have a shot of Ice Follies and maybe one of the other named sister seedlings or sports of Ice Follies. In this same drift is also some blooms of I believe Melody. Looks just like Ice Follies only the cup remains yellow and does not turn white with age. Keith Kridler