Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi

POPS Legacy and more

February 18, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, General, Standards

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On February 16, in central Mississippi, ‘POPS Legacy’ and ‘Sideling Hill’ are blooming together—having survived a torrential rainstorm the night before. ‘POPS Legacy’ had actually been in bloom for four days, but ‘Sideling Hill’ opened Feb. 15.
They normally do not bloom together—probably five days or a week apart, and never this early. (four years down in this location)
Gardening is not an exact anything!
Loyce McKenzie
Madison, MS

Ideas to please picky eaters. Watch video on AOL Living.

One response to “POPS Legacy and more”

  1. Barbara and Len Weber says:

    Great to see them, Loyce. Today and yesterday we’ve had lovely sun, and freezing at night, which really gets my Spring eagerness soaring. We only have Tetes in bloom here at our house in Corvallis, OR., in addition to the Cornish Snow Camellia. But many buds coming. Some years I’ve had Viennese Waltz, and Feb. Gold, but the snow periods earlier scotched that, I guess. Thanks for showing, and all the others around the country and across the pond, too.