Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio

last one today, from Ohio

February 5, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Hybridizing, Miniatures, Seedling

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This is another from seed sent me by Lawrence Trevanion in 2005, blooming in 3 years.  It is open pollinated seed from one of his hybrids.  I hope as it grows up more, the lovely scallops around the cup will show up more.
Mary Lou


One response to “last one today, from Ohio”

  1. Phyllis Hess says:

    Must be so nice to be able to enjoy daffodils in February in Ohio; a friend told me it was raining very hard in central Ohio; they have already had an inch of rain and perhaps 2 more inches to come!~
    Here in Florida the azaleas are popping; we took a little trip yesterday and they were all along the roadways; very pretty!
    Phyllis Hess