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N. jonquilla

February 17, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Miniatures

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This is a small clump of N. jonquilla that I raised from seed.  That is, seed sent to me from Keith Kreidler back in, was it 1998? or so.  I have show these for about three years now.  On the show bench judges like them better than the commercial varieties.  Usually they bloom after N. jonquilla “Early Louisiana” and long before N. jonquilla.  However, this year they are early.  My early Louisiana are just beginning to show bid.
I think all my daffodils was confused by the severe draught that Northeastern North Carolina had last summer and fall.  It was so dry in early October last year (2007) that I could not find moisture around my daffodils.  So I hooked up my daffodil watering system and let it run until November.  It looks like my fall watering may have been timely, but confusing to some of my daffodils and caused them to mix up the seasons.
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