Keith Kridler, Texas

n. Obvalaris

February 24, 2008

Categories: Growing Daffodils, Hybridizing, Seeds, Soil

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One way to make your blooms seem taller is to take your pictures with the camera sitting on the ground looking up at the flowers. A few days ago some one posted a picture of what they thought was Tete-a-tete. Looked more like Wee Bee to Donna D. which I agreed with at the time…..n. Obvalaris is also a fairly small bloom, similar shape and it also opens just and inch or two out of the soil and then the stems continue to grow until the seeds ripen. Wee Bee is a lot smaller bloom than these and I will try to find some Wee Bee and shoot a comparison photo. Both of these open in the south about the same time. These clumps of n. Obvalaris were planted in late January of 1998. About 100 in the original drift. I had two drifts of them and dug one and I re-planted 750 yesterday and still have about a 1,000 of them left to plant today. While so MANY daffodil people in the upper Midwest states are still buried under snow we are starting to mow lawns and harvest veggies down here in the south. Keith Kridler

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