Saving Daffodils

February 16, 2008

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>Hi All,

Roxane Daniel gave me about 2,700 daffodil bulbs that were dug and stored in a building about 2 years ago. Some dirt remained and it seems about 86 percent have a chance to bloom again. I soaked them for several hours and they plumped up and some before had green sprouts and it seems more have sprouted. My goal is to trench in 500 a day but the hard rains drove me in today after 200, planting 500 yesterday.

I read Keith Kridlers, method after the fact and find he uses warm water but I used cold. Char Roush tells me Keith once wrote to not bury the green sprouts because they do not come out again and I suppose they are sorta like a runner going 10 miles and maybe have not got the strength to go again. She also relates That Keith’s advise is allways good. I did not take off the outside part of the bulb that was dried. I pondered putting them in the dryer without heat in a secured pillow case and tumble awhile. Any one know if that works? Is there a better way? Maybe I will dehusk the remaining ones and see if there is a better survivor rate. The rains are so nice to come at this time. I know Keith grows some wonderful daffodils for Carl Amason, Celia Jones and I were there the year before Carl died and also we left with a car load of wonderful daffodils. In this part of the country we will allways miss Carl.

There is one large area of Daffodils that are about to be destroyed by road construction about 8 miles south of Dubach, La., a few miles north of Ruston, La. on hwy 167. I dug for about 2 hours until it was to dark to see. I think they are mainly Butter and Eggs and a few Jonquilas. But if you are interested call 870-836-5221. The ground was tough.

I try to save them all.
Thera Lou Adams


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