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theft of photos and websites

February 28, 2008

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I just got a state newsletter this morning for a group and about 6 photos that I had shared with a couple of people were worked into and article without my knowledge…..I am NOT in the business of selling photos so it REALLY does NOT bother me to find my photos on various websites with or without my name tags on them.
When I am dead and gone my old photo disks and albums will probably turn to dust with me…..
In most of the free world we take for granted 24 hour a day access to the internet. I am working on a construction project for our local library. There is a one to two HOUR wait ALL day long for people who come to the library for “Free” internet access on just 8 computers! They CANNOT afford to have internet access at their homes!!!! There is a time limit to use each computer. They have to down load stuff then wait another two hours and down load or search again.
In MUCH of the world people ONLY have access to electricity for a few hours a day! Some people still have to pay by the minute that they use the internet. I would guess that some people would try to down load a whole website so they could view the information on their home computers.
We have friends that come to our house to download stuff because they still have dial-up speeds at their house.
Of course there is no telling what people will do with information that is down loaded…Hopefully there is a daffodil nut in Russia that is trying to identify some of the flowers they have growing on their property! Keith Kridler Temperatures going back and forth from 27*F (-3*C) to 80*F (27*C) this week in Northeast Texas.

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  1. Edith Godfrey says:

    Keith, remember the wonderful movie version of Dr. Zhivago with Julie Christie and Omar Sharif? There were lots of daffodils in the spring shots of the caretaker’s cottage next to the forbidden summer home in the mountains. Edie Godfrey Minnesota–just west of Minneapolis We might get above freezing–almost 40 degrees F. this Sunday. I saw someone with basketball shorts on at the supermarket–temps were only in the 20’s!!!