Nancy Tackett, California

Attend the Fortuna Daffodil Show on the Internet!

March 21, 2008

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On behalf of Dian Keesee and the Fortuna Garden Club, we cordially invite you to attend ‘Daffodil Dazzle’, their 33rd Annual Daffodil Show at Fortuna, California on March 22nd & 23rd. This is the Pacific Regional Daffodil Show and there will be beautiful flowers coming in from all over the Northwest Region.
Fortuna plans to set up two Internet cameras, aptly named Daffodil Cam 1 and Daffodil Cam 2, in the show room at the River Lodge on Saturday and Sunday. To attend, just go to the FortunaCam: and at the bottom of the page are the links for the two daffodil cameras. The images on both cameras will update every 15 seconds.
We hope you all enjoy the show,
Nancy Tackett Martinez, Calif

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