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March 3, 2008

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Hi folks,
Sorry for posting a question to Australasian growers but daffnet seems the easiest forum to get a wider response.
Q1 I inherited some bulbs as ‘Circe’ supposedly a 1W – Y from Alf Chappell. This cultivar is not registered but a ‘Circe’ is registered from way back in history. Can someone in NZ shed some light on this please.
Q2 I imported a bulb of ‘Camp Hill’ from Mike Temple-Smith some years ago. He listed it in his 1996 catalogue as “12W-Y Small Australian raised flower. Champion Miniature Claremont 1995” A ‘Camp Hill’ is registered as 5W-Y and the bulb I received certainly looks like the 5W-Y as registered. Can anyone in Australia please shed some light on this please.
David Adams

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