Keith Kridler, Texas

Bald Eagle oppinion needed

March 17, 2008

Category: Growing Daffodils

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Again as Daffseek continues to grow do we want pure shots of a variety included as they are growing in the field? Do we want more background to include as in the Bald Eagle 1 photo that also has Mount Hood blooming in the background. I really need to go back down and shoot these again as they are not quite in focus or color balanced or something.
Is there a photo guru out there that would want to tweak these photos BEFORE Ben and Nancy go to all the trouble of entering them.
I know they get all these wonderful awards BUT you cannot EAT awards……Should we be sending money to them for the “honor” of having each of our blooms forever saved for future daffodil people to admire! I know I DON’T want to have to maintain and catalog that many blooms for just awards:-))) Keith Kridler

One response to “Bald Eagle oppinion needed”

  1. Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee Becky Fox Matthews says:

    Having garden shots on Daffseek is very worthwhile, Keith. Whether trying to ID an unknown daffodil or to choose a new daffodil to order, I appreciate seeing photos where the daffs have not been primped and pampered like the ones in shows. I think your garden shots are close enough to some of the flowers to see useful details, not to mention it is just plain FUN to see such a large swath of blooms! I don’t think those photos you posted need tweaking. It can be hard to get good focus over such a large area, but most of them are in focus. I think either angle you shot is fine. For DaffSeek I guess it is important that the named or featured flower is obviously in the forefront, but I don’t think others in the background are a problem. (I’m sure Nancy will comment if it is!) ;->
    I took a lot of photos at John Lipscomb’s pasture of daffodils in Alpharetta, GA, last weekend and will be sending those to Nancy for Daffseek after I rename them. I will send a few to Daffnet, too, once I have the time to choose a few and reduce them to a reasonable size.
    Thank you for posting your garden shots, Keith. I think Nancy and others would agree we need garden shots and daffodil show photos on Daffseek. Becky