Keith Kridler, Texas

Ceylon after the storm

March 4, 2008

Categories: Classics, Daffodil Types, Growing Daffodils, Standards, Weather and Temperature

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You know the average person would not see much damage to these blooms after the ice melts. What looks like water drops on the back of this Ceylon bloom is actually all ice. We are hovering right at freezing still. There was not much snow it all seems to have been small ice pellets. I kind of expect that all of the open blooms will bleed out and die in just a couple of days when we go back to higher temperatures. The severe thunder storms actually formed more to the east of our area and are still ripping across the southern states. Louisiana was really hit hard yesterday. Not sure how bad it was in Mississippi. Keith Kridler

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  1. Harold Koopowitz, California Harold Koopowitz says:

    If its any consolation we just had two days of Santa Ana winds with gusts to 50 mph. Humidity was 10 %. Snapped the spikes off the delphiniums and turns the daffs to crepe paper. Harold
    At 05:58 AM 3/4/2008, Keith Kridler wrote: