Daffodil posters

March 5, 2008

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Here’s the photo in George’s poster.  It is from Colorblends.  Perhaps a phone call to their customer service number, 1 888 847 8637, would give a source.  The photo is their promotional graphic for a collection of 101 daffodil bulbs.

a couple of hundred daffodil posters here

lots of overlap with preceeding, but some unique to this site.

smaller collection, nice, not overlapping with above
and on this site click on "more"
This page has some very nice things, but is a big collection on one page and will take a while to load for some of you.

At 07:27 PM 3/3/2008, wrote:

Nice poster, George. Any ideas on a source for acquiring it? Ask Al to see if there is any identification on it that could help find a source.
Bill Lee

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One response to “Daffodil posters”

  1. Bill Lee says:

    Thanks, Melissa, for the sources. I couldn’t find that image when I searched the Colorblends website yesterday, but there it is!
    Bill Lee