David Burdick Article

March 6, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Enthusiasts, General, Publications and Resources

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I just checked Horticulture magazine at Borders, the March issue, and Dave’s article was not in that issue. Is it a previous or forthcoming issue?
Bill Lee

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2 responses to “David Burdick Article”

  1. Leone Low says:

    Bill, You must not have seen the newest issue. April, 2003.  There are daffodils on the cover, and many more lovely photos in the article, starting on page 26.

    Leone Low


  2. Ross Hotchkiss says:

    The article by David Burdick was in the Mid-Atlantic ‘version’ of Horticulture magazine and was it was in one sent to a Richmond, Virginia subscription address. I have gone to Borders and Barnes and Noble in the past to pick up a magazine that carried a local story of interest, only to find that it was not in the news stand copies.  I will  try to have it available at the show in April for those who were unable to find a copy and are interested in reading it.
    Ross Hotchkiss
    Richmond, Virginia