Keith Kridler, Texas


March 21, 2008

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We got just under 2&1/2″ or about 5.6CM of rain so we were fine. Rod Armstrong and most of the rest of the Dallas daffodil group probably got two to three times that amount depending on where they live. The problem with this part of Texas is that it is relatively flat with no real high ground. Flood plains are really wide and shallow.
I was invited to teach a program on daffodils to a new Master Gardener group last night about 60 miles east and they only got about 1″ of rain or 2.5 CM. We were on the edge of the really heavy rains. The blooms got beat up, but here is a shot of the left over blooms from the class on Thursday. I took all of the blooms to our area hospital reception area where they get a lot of people walking through. Keith Kridler

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