Kirby Fong, California

Fortuna show – Tuggle winner

March 24, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Show Results, Standards

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The Tuggle award calls for 12 sets of 3 standard daffodils with at least three different RHS divisions represented. This winning entry contains Yum Yum 3W-WWY, Flashpoint 1W-P, Triple Crown 3Y-GYR, Fragrant Rose 2W-GPP, Bob Spotts 2W-W, 8-3-11 2O-O, 8-3-57 2WWG-YYO, 8-3-40 2WWY-GYO, Lissome 2W-W, 8-3-56 6Y-YOO, Dinkie Duffle 7Y-Y, and Katrina Rea 6W-WWO. The exhibitor was Bob Spotts.
Kirby Fong

One response to “Fortuna show – Tuggle winner”

  1. Bob Spotts says:


    I’ve grown Dinkie Duffle for at least 15 years. Two times I’ve given the stock to free space for more seedlings. Each time, I’ve missed a couple of bulbs and it has multiplied again. So, I’ve decided if a cultivar likes my garden that much, it can stay!

    It’s not an exceptional jonquil for show, but when you need both quantity and diversity, it will do.
    I listed the color code as it has always shown in my garden. I never considered that it should have a red cup.
    If this isn’t Dinkie Duffle, will the real Dinkie Duffle stand up?