Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland

The Peter Barr Memorial Cup

March 4, 2008

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Dear All,

  Malcolm Bradbury, Chairman of the Daffodil and Tulip Committee of the RHS has computer problems and has asked me to post this announcement on his behalf. It is with great personal pleasure that I do so.

 This year, 2008, The Peter Barr Memorial Cup has been awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society, on the recommendation the Daffodil and Tulip Committee to Ben Blake and Nancy Tackett for “good  work of some kind in connection with daffodils”.  to quote the rather bland, yet all embracing words explaining the reasons for the award of the Cup.

  I hope you will all join me in congratulating Ben and Nancy. As was the case with their ADS Gold Medal award they are the first couple to be granted the Barr Cup. It is a measure of the world wide recognition of their fine work in developing Daffnet and Daffseek to the amazing tools they now are for all daffodil enthusiasts, growers and researchers. Daffseek perhaps represents the greatest novel development since Dr Throckmorton’s proposed colour coding system for the classification of daffodils, for which he was also awarded the Barr Cup.

  Ben and Nancy always recognise that Daffnet was up and running before they got involved and that the seed of Daffseek was first sown by Steve Vinisky. But they have nurtured and developed these modern communication and informational tools with such great understanding and skill that many of us nowadays take them for granted.

  Congratulations Ben and Nancy – those of us at the World Convention in London will look forward to congratulating you in person at the presentation during the launch ceremony for the new Daffodil Register and Classified List. 

  Malcolm askes me to apologise for the tardiness of this announcement and that the news may already have leaked through the grapevine.

Brian Duncan


5 responses to “The Peter Barr Memorial Cup”

  1. Phyllis Hess says:

    Congratulations Ben and Nancy!!!! How wonderful and so richly deserved. I am so proud you are my friends!!

    The convention can be turned into a giant celebration! Again congratulations!!

    Phyllis Hess

  2. Donna Dietsch says:
    There is no question in my mind that this award is richly deserved.
    Ben and Nancy – I would personally like to thank you and congratualte you.
    What would Peter Barr have thought of this Daffnet thing we all use ?
    Donna Dietsch
  3. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:

    This is terrific!  Congratulations to Ben and Nancy!  The award is well-deserved, and we’re all so proud of you!  Thanks for all you do for all of us.
    Mary Lou

  4. Bill Lee says:

    I know that we are not encouraged to use Daffnet to communicate personal messages, but I think today’s announcement calls for an exception to the rule.
    Congratulations to Ben Blake and Nancy Tackett on being awarded the Peter Barr Memorial Cup.
    Very cool and much deserved! It’s amazing how quickly both Daffnet and DaffSeek have become invaluable resources to so many of us.
    Bill Lee

  5. Nancy Tackett says:

    Dear Brian, Malcolm, Sharon, members of the Daffodil and Tulip Committee and the RHS,

    Thank you very much for this prestigious honor.  Ben and I are surprised and amazed that our names will be found alongside a long history of recognized ‘daffodil greats’. 

    Since we first became involved with daffodils, it is the people that have been the most memorable part of our journey.  The motivation for our ‘good work’ was, and still is, that we want to give back to our wonderful daffodil family who mean so much to the two of us.

    The Peter Barr Memorial Cup is a great honor, one beyond our wildest dreams.  We look forward to seeing you in London for this memorable ceremony.

    All our best,

    Ben and Nancy