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FW: Yellow Fever!

March 22, 2008

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—–Original Message—– From: Peter Ramsay [mailto: title=] Sent: Saturday, 22 March 2008 12:37 p.m. To: ‘Ian Tyler’ Subject: RE: [daffnet] Yellow Fever!
Hello All,
Something must have got into the water (probably a three letter word) in the Northern Hemisphere. First it was an unprovoked attack on the plantings on the English railWAYS, now all of us in the Southern Hemisphere have been portrayed as inebriated skites by our former friend Ian. I cannot imagine any living Kiwi or Ozzie making such a comment about the relative size of daffodils, even if it is true. We have been brought up on the saying :comparisons are odious! We may think things but never, never say them. Moreover, the judging scales in New Zealand and Australia both award fewer points to size than the UK. To suggest that we are preoccupied with size is not therefore borne out by the scale which all of our judges must follow even though some of them think the Judging Manual is full of suggestions rather than injunctions! As for the inebriated bit, if you look hard enough you will find some non-drinkers amongst us. As for Lesley and myself we never think of opening a bottle of fine NZ sauvignon blanc, which can be bought in our supermarkets for $14NZ, while the same product in the UK costs 20 quid before the sun goes over the yardarm which it is undoubtedly doing somewhere in the world as I write (10am).
See you in London Ian where your apology should be accompanied by a bottle of Sav (NZ preferred). By the way, all of our tour group heading North for the World Convention will be issued with a pair of calipers. I sense a good article coming up for the NZ Daff Annual!
—–Original Message—– From:  title= [mailto: title=] On Behalf Of Ian Tyler Sent: Saturday, 22 March 2008 12:27 a.m. To: Jim Chaney Cc: Daffnet Subject: [daffnet] Yellow Fever!
Dear Jim, I must applaud your efforts for one so new to this daffodil affliction, sufferers have also been reported to have spasms of the vocal cords with involuntary sounds of Pwarh, Coooor, WOW and Whoopee associated with the breathless and also a weakening of knees. This in conjunction with alcoholic beverage has leads to some of our friend in the southern hemisphere claiming that all things down under are bigger and better than here in the northern half. This of course is incorrect, as I know all the best daffodil grow here in the UK, but I’m assured that this is only a Southern hemisphere symptom. Please rest assured that my surgery is always open to fellow sufferers, but I would ask that you bring an example of any medication that you are on for diagnostic reasons only!
Wishing you a speedy recovery,

One response to “FW: Yellow Fever!”

  1. John Beck says:

    OH Peter
    I may become odius here
    making comparisons;
    but I do grow some Southern Hemisphere
    cultivars and suppose that Ian does so as well
    and truly if size is all that matters
    the northern isles may have to rethink
    where the best are grown- little in my
    patch grows as large as some of the
    Enjoy the tour! am looking forward to the photos