Ben Blake, California

Immediate Server Move

March 7, 2008

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We just found out there is an immediate need move the ‘daffodil’ server.
All of the ADS web sites, Daffnet, and DaffSeek are operated from the ‘daffodil’ server. This server also runs the Minnesota Daffodil Society and MidWest daffodil sites.
NetVista has graciously donated free cabinet space and Internet access for our use for about ten years. The ADS has approved the purchase of a new server which we will do later in 2008. We intended to place the new server in a colocation service with higher speed Internet access. Unfortunately, we now need to move the server ahead of time, due to new NetVista cabinet space requirements.
The ADS has approved my contracting with the co-location company ColoServe which is a ServePath Company located in San Francisco. This facility is so well thought of that San Francisco routes most of their emergency services through them, such as 911. During an extended power outage last year they were the only data center that kept operating throughout. Once the move is completed, I expect that your access to DaffSeek and the other supported web sites will be much more responsive.
I expect the server will be moved tomorrow. I hope to do my part on Sunday since we are having our first daffodil show in Livermore California. There will be several periods where you will not be able to access anything, DaffSeek, Daffnet, the websites, or my email. I can still be reached at Ben Blake .
If all goes well you may be able to connect early next week. The move also requires an Internet address change. Internet address changes usually take 24 hours or more to propagate through the name servers on the Internet. For a day or so, one person may reach while another may not be able to reach it for another day.
When you see you can no longer access and you no longer see any Daffnet mail, please do not be alarmed, just know that we are moving the hardware. The ColoServe people will start the process, so the exact time will vary, but will hopefully be tomorrow.
This move is a good step forward for the ADS and can only result in more satisfying DaffSeek, Daffnet, and web site enjoyment.

2 responses to “Immediate Server Move”

  1. Phyllis Hess says:

    Ben, We do so appreciate all you do for us! We will suffer without for as long as it takes! LOL Thanks for letting us know. Phyllis Hess

  2. Ben Blake, California Ben Blake says:

    I have more information now,
    The server will be removed from the NetVista cabinet tomorrow morning, March 8th, about 9am-10am PST. I have done as much negotiation with the co-location site in San Francisco, to be already considered a nuisance. The bill has been paid, the hand-off of the server from NetVista to ColoServe has been scheduled, server rack installation paid, and a trouble tickets created too.
    The best case will be up by Monday afternoon, and more likely by Wednesday afternoon. ColoServe personnel have to give me physical access to the server for me to complete the change-over. They are very secure and I anticipate that will delay me.
    So bottom line, down tomorrow morning 10am PST.
    I will advise as I know more.