Jaydee Ager, Georgia

in a pickle in GA

March 3, 2008

Category: General

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Friends, the wonders of technology never cease.  I made a fast trip out of town FEB 29 – MAR 2.  I didn’t take the ADS laptop with me.  Upon my return, I learned that my satellite internet service provider has finally enacted their highly touted “upgrade” to GMail.  In order to use Outlook, you had to reconfigure all your settings, etc.  Despite carefully trying to follow the directions, neither I, or my husband, have been successful in resolving the issue and we have been at it for a day and a half.  I just hope I got everything that has been sent.  When I accessed the GMail program, 323 e-mails came flooding in.  So I am limping along on e-mail via GMail, until I can get with my young friend that bails me out of IT disasters.  I have tried to respond to everyone to at least let you know I received your e-mail.  I need some e-mail Drano.
ADS Exectuve Director

2 responses to “in a pickle in GA”

  1. Sandra Stewart says:

    I feel your pain, Jaydee as my laptop was stolen back last summer.
    Fortunately, I had stopped downloading emails on Outlook long before that and keeping them on the ISP server. That way, you can look at your email from any computer on the planet. The only catch is that you have to be online to see it.
    You can keep your emails in files just as in Outlook and get virtually unlimited storage.
    Isn’t it amazing how much and how fast things are changing?
    Too many different daffodils blooming here now to name them, but we’re having a blast picking and sniffing! Of course, the most popular bloom on Sunday was Rapture 😉

  2. Laura Baxter says:

    What is happening to this workd of cyberspace?
    I just had all the important commands in DOS all memorized and then along comes windows 3.1.1 and I was very happy with that probram and WordPerfect 5.1 was teh same way and I loved both, now we are in the faster than light of tech advancememts. Even though I have had a computer since 1994, I have laged way behind those who ar new commers.
    So what is Gmail, I just got used to HTML e-mail. As I hear the frogs croke outside my bedroom wondow I wonder why I am still keeping a copyu of KERMIT, Archie and Veronica. I see my div 6’s start to peek their little haeds out of the ground and I think that there is yardwork in my future. As the winds are really blowing outside, this started on the first, I know that March will be in like a lion and out like a lamb, that is I hope because hopefully a windstorm will not tatter my show blooms as in years past.
    Hope to see more of the West Coast people reall soon at the costal shows this year.
    Laura Baxter Rattlesnake Hills, Zillah in Central Washington, or as we call it, the sunny side of the mountain and in case anyone missed jeopardy on Monday Night, the answer was the mountain that we saw overlooking the Tacoma convention.