March 24, 2008

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Clay, I’m curious whether the center top stem in the Watrous is Kokopelli, as the nametag may indicate.  Here in California we exhibit Kokopelli as a standard, although I see from Daffseek that the Kiwis have it on the NZ miniatures list.  It is true that in my garden it has small blooms.  Maybe Bob Spotts, its originator, can comment.

2 responses to “Kokopelli?”

  1. Bob Spotts says:

    As Kokopelli grows in California, individual florets are small enough, but the cluster of three florets typically is too large to be considered a Miniature.
    In many colder climates it grows smaller, with fewer florets, and might be entered as a Miniature. The acceptability would be a Judges’ decision.

    At 08:46 PM 3/24/2008, Melissa M. Reading wrote:

  2. Clay Higgins says:

    Kokopelli, according to Bob Spotts, can be shown as a miniature or standard, according to how it grows.  In the Middle Atlantic States, it is shown as both.  I have seen it enter as both miniature and standard in shows from Georgia, Richmond, Virginia Garden Club, Gloucester, WDS, Chambersburg, Morristown, etc., in the same show. 
    In this show, it had a head smaller than Angel O’ Music as 5Y-Y. Some of the miniature division 5’s have such large clusters of blooms that they are larger then ‘Homestead.” Who am I to say?  If the judges accepted it???

    Clay Higgins