Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi

Kokopelli Question?

March 26, 2008

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Just asking:
Does the show chairman have the right to disallow a flower as a miniature?
Is it not, rather, the responsibility of the judging panel faced with it to decide that it does not fit the class?
Loyce McKenzie


One response to “Kokopelli Question?”

  1. Sandra Stewart says:

    Hi Loyce, Clay and all
    I’m not sure how many times we’ve had this discussion, but Weldon, me and Martha Anderson will always side with Clay. I can speak for them since Weldon and I discussed this many times and the last time Martha put in mini exhibits at Hernando, she had blooms of Kokopelli in there. I had Kokopelli in minis and standards that day myself. I don’t know if the rules have changed? Has the committee created a banned list?
    You have to judge the daffodil bloom that is in front of your eyes and consider the rules of the class in which it is entered. If it looks like a duck!
    Since these daffodils are grown out in the open and one can never completely control growing conditions.
    Here in Alabama, Kokopelli seems to start out blooming small when you first plant it and then over the years, the blooms get larger. We all know that the blooms of daffodils newly planted the past year are full of surprises.
    I just praise Bob Spotts for giving the world this beautiful daffodil and giving it such a meaningful name…Sandra