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March 30, 2008

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Hi Harold,
A Mini Quinn. What a good idea!  I really enjoyed seeing all of the seedlings at Livermore and Murphys. At Fortuna, Bob had mentioned mini quinn so I counted the different miniatures that I had brought and had 20-21. I had a few other miniatures that I didn’t pick at home so I may have been able to do a mini quinn. In the future, maybe the ADS will have a mini quinn.


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  1. Clay Higgins says:

    Harold and Marilyn,
    Great pictures. The question I have is, Are they 24 daffodils that do no include the same seedling cross twice, or the same daffodils used in both Watrouses?

  2. Elizabeth Ellwood says:

    How many people would be able to stage a mini Quinn??? We just recently established the Aqua ribbon because supposedly so many people couldn’t stage 12 miniatures for a Watrous. Liz

  3. Harold Koopowitz, California Harold Koopowitz says:

    I can think of several people on the west coast that could do it.

    At 02:03 PM 3/30/2008,  title= wrote:

    How many people would be able to stage a mini Quinn??? We just recently established the Aqua ribbon because supposedly so many people couldn’t stage 12 miniatures for a Watrous. Liz

  4. Clay Higgins says:
    I agree with Liz Elwood, and she knows as she has staged many a Quinn. In standards we have 25,000 daffodils to chose from and we need about 150 great daffodil in blooms to start with to do a Quinn especially with the tough juding we get here on the East Coast.
    I’m not sure that there are enough miniatures, unless people have many hybridized miniatures that they can add to the count, such as Harold and Marilyn, to stage a Quinn.  Getting 12 Watrous, 8 Aqua, 5 lavendar miniature daffodils to all bloom at the same time is almost impossible.  Even when I have done it.
  5. Elizabeth Ellwood says:

    I should have said in my original email that I KNOW that Marilyn and Harry coulld probably stage 4 “Mini Quinns” BUT how many other people would be able to do it either on the East Coast, West Coast or any other place in the middle????


  6. Harold Koopowitz, California Harold Koopowitz says:

    We know of at least 5 if not more people on the west coast besides ourselves, could stage a mini quinn. and I bet Delia could do one on the east coast. Furthermore, this year Brent and Becky list over 35 miniatures at reasonable prices.

     At 04:37 PM 3/30/2008, you wrote:

    I should have said in my original email that I KNOW that Marilyn and Harry coulld probably stage 4 "Mini Quinns" BUT how many other people would be able to do it either on the East Coast, West Coast or any other place in the middle????  Liz

  7. Leone Low says:

    I have some good news for you:  If you have 24 distinct cultivars or seedlings in bloom, just enter two Watrous collections.  However, put the best ones in just one to keep someone from beating you with their 12 best.


  8. Nancy Ellis says:

    At the risk of revealing my naivete: what is the rationale behind offering or not offering a 

    mini Quinn? And for what it might be worth, I’d very much like to see one- what a challenge!! 


  9. Bob Spotts says:

    While your posting is clever, I am disappointed with it. Why should the ADS dissuade exhibitors from extending their horizons?
    Why should 12 be the limit of exhibiting minis? If some want to extend their efforts, we get to observe their results. How can this be anything but good? If this encourages additional hybridizing, won’t we all benefit ultimately?

    At 05:45 PM 3/30/2008, you wrote:

  10. Chriss Rainey says:
    Lovely idea, Liz.
    In the Pie Eaters Show schedule I have included “local classes” for a mini Throckmorton, seven stems, and a mini Havens, six stems.  I like the idea of a mini Quinn.  Perhaps next year it will be considered. 
    Because the Pie Eaters Show is very very late in the season here, and because we are bound by the date long before we know what the season will be like, I thought it would be helpful to have classes like this that would cover the lack of flowers and or open possibilities to exhibitors who grow too few to ever muster the guns for the real deal award classes. 
    I’ve also put in the schedule a class for three minis from any div. bred in the USA.  I suppose you might call this a mini mini red white and blue.  🙂
    Two other classes just for fun are six cultivars, three having white perianths and three having yellow perianths staged in two rows, and three pairs from three color codes, staged in two rows with the matching flowers one behind the other. 
    I’d love to hear suggestions from others for future possibilities.  These classes have generated a lot of interest because they are shall we say horses of a different color from what we see in most show schedules.  And probably also because they are eligible for a $10 cash prize and a bottle of “cheer.” 
  11. Kathy Welsh says:
    I could have entered a Platium Watrous last weekend at Nashville :)>
  12. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:

    What a great suggestion, Bill!
    Mary Lou

  13. Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee Becky Fox Matthews says:

    Yes, a very nice idea!  I would probably be able to enter one on occasion, if I ever felt focused enough to sort out that many!  ;->  The Watrous is the largest collection I’ve entered so far.  So far I’d rather get a lot of good flowers into the show, than to concentrate on one large collection, especially since many of the shows I enter often don’t have a whole lot of flowers and there are usually people already entering those large ones.  A Platinum Watrous might tempt me to go for it.


  14. Leone Low says:

    The mini Throckmorton and the mini Havens are great ideas, along with some of the others. 

    Leone Low


  15. Kathy Welsh says:

    In a message dated 3/30/2008 9:19:26 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  title= writes:

    If you have 24 distinct cultivars or
    >seedlings in bloom, just enter two Watrous collections. 

    In some shows, like WDS, we are not allowed to enter more than one large collection.  We are fortunate enough to have many exhibitors and don’t have the space on the bench to allow for this.

  16. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:

    Are we talking about the same thing here?  Is a “mini Throckmorton” supposed to be 15 miniature cultivars of different color codes, or is it a collection of 7 standard stems of different color codes?  The “mini Quinn,” better named the Platinum Watrous, was suggested for 24 miniatures.
    Mary Lou

  17. Clay Higgins says:

    Before we get carried away with large miniatue collections, shouldn’t we develop more than thousands of mini div 5, 6, 7, and 10s.  There just doesn’t seem to be a wide dispursement of miniatures other than those classes.  I actually could put on a mini collection of 24 if I were allowed unlimited amounts of div 5, 6, 7, and 10.  However, isn’t the purpose of showing daffodils to promote the diversity of daffodils and not just a few division.
    I’m beginning to think Daffnet is taking on the “Supposedly” Clay Higgins syndrome of “Win” regardless of what you put on the show bench.  🙂
    I have over 500 seedlings of div7, can I enter 24 of those. LOL.

    Clay Higgins


  18. Marilyn Howe says:
    Hi Clay,
    You would need 5 divisions.
  19. Clay Higgins says:

    I would need five divisions if it were a standard Quinn, however, while I’m still joking around, there has been no discussion of the qualifications for this new miniature collection of 24.
    E.g., the mini Watrous only required three divisions and is a collection of 12.  The Bozie Award is a collection of 12 standards and needs four divisions.
    I think 4 divisions would be enough for a mini collection of 24. LOL  I think it would be fun just to require 24 miniatures such that no two are the same cultivar as we don’t have the diversity that the standards have.
    LOL. Then again, I’ve seen many a Quinn with 20 Division 2s and 4 others.  I’ve even done a Quinn with 20 division 3s and 4 others.  The OTHERS is always the weak part of the exhibit.
    Now I’m just joking here.  I guess I’m just not ready for a mini Quinn that will be limited to a “limited” number of people.  Mayby in the future when there are enough mini’s that everyone has a chance.

    Clay Higgins


  20. Chriss Rainey says:

    Well, actually Mary Lou,
    I thought Liz meant mini as in small or a semi version of a collection.  A mini Quinn might be 18 standards from 5 divisions, for example.  In the Pie Eaters schedule the class I mentioned as a “mini” Throckmorton calls for only 7 standard flowers. 
    What Bill Pannill has suggested, a collection of 24 miniatures never crossed my mind, but I sure would like to see one. 

  21. John Beck says:

    I have not seen any discussion of someone’s sugggestion that all of the cultivars have DIFFERENT parentage
    how about a collection of five all with the same parentage? I need to check daffseek to see if that is possible with named cultivars?