Keith Kridler, Texas

moving water

March 4, 2008

Categories: Growing Daffodils, Soil, Weather and Temperature

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Most of the rain water that hits our street drains down past the big drift of Sweetness I sent a picture of a couple of days ago. You can see it very well in this picture but the main drift of daffodils are Trevithian planted in and around Bald Cypress trees in red clay soil. Center right hand part of the picture is Erlicheer just up out of the drainage area. Behind and in the upper right hand corner is Lily Ronalds up on sandy loam type soils. Twin Sisters are off to the left part of the picture again in clay soils. You can see where the water washed over the center of the Trevithian and we will have to pull off the leaves and trash to get sun to the bulb clumps.
The water is heading down through our property till it gets to our swamp. Again we planted Bald Cypress and you can see the lower daffodil field is just a foot or two above the water table during the rainy season. This area is a lot better for species daffodils and jonquil and tazetta hybrids.
The sun just popped out and ice is beginning to melt off of our roof. Looks like a good day to get sunburned! Keith Kridler

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