Clay Higgins, New Jersey

Northeast North Carolina Daffodil Show

March 23, 2008

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The first annual Northeast North Carolina Daffodil Show co-sponsored by the Northeast NC Daffodil Society, and the Currituck County Extension Agent and the Master Gardener Volunteers of Currituck county, NC., held it’s 1st Annual Daffodil Show at the new Currituck County Extension Facility in Barco, NC on March 22, 2008.  The show was Chaired by Clay Higgins and Co-Chair Jan Perry-Weber the Currituck County Extension Agent.
It was a successful first show with with 360 daffodil blooms in the show, from 36 exhibitors and 119 exhibits.  Clay said that he would be happy if he 200 daffodil blooms were in the show and 360 was just great.  He also said that he was happy that he had gotten carred away and made more properties then could possibly be used – but that better than not having enough to put on the show. The show  was open from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm on a Saturday before Easter with more than 155 visitors on a gorgeous sunny spring day.
Over 60 of the entries were made by new members of the Northeast North Carolina Daffodil Society with Lori DiBarnardo of Southern Shores, Dare County, NC., winning the new shower award.  The special award for the best of the Unknown Daffodils, also called the “Who am I” flowers was won by George and Rose Schulmann of Cheaspeake, VA.  For the best Unknown Daffodil, George and Rose won the Chirman’s award called the “Wild Goose” award in honor of Currituck County and it derivative of a Native American word “Caratoke” meaning “land of the wild geese.”
There were many persons from other areas at the first show, a former President of the American Daffodil Society, Richard Ezell from Gettysburg, PA., who also won the mini Gold Ribbon with N. cyclamineus. Mary Koonce from Halltown, WV., and a former President of the National Gardening Association was present.  Other distinguished members included Brent Heath of Brent & Beck’s Bulbs in Gloucester, VA., who also contributed some of his best selling gardening books as prises to the winners of the show.  Also from VA were Petie Mathesion, Betty Barr Auld, Elizabeth and Ceci Brown, Anne Corson, and Evelyn Nock the American Daffodil Society VP for the Middle Atlantic States Region.
All had a great time, the Master Gardener Volunteer of Currituck County were extremely helpful and it made the show to have them helping out the show.  Clay and Fran Higgins was to thank everyone for their help in pulling off a successful show, including Eileen Whitney that helped us put the show schedule together.  Last but not least, Jan Perry-Weber the Currituck County Extension Agent was the heart of the operation and I kept seeing her all over the show giving directions and helping out.  Thank all.
Oh!!! a show report.  Here’s some:
Susan Appeal – Biometrics -Gold
Clay Fran Higgins Silver  – me (31 sorry)
Clay and Fran  White –  Muster 4
Richard Ezelll  – N. cyclamineus Mini Gold
Anne Corson  –  N. gaditanus mini white
Lori DiBernardo – Small Grower Award Ceylon
Clay Higgins  – Rose Ribbon  Seedling LL 13/08 1Y-Y From Blue Ribbon Div 1 Collection
Michael Driscol – Best Youth Award Mary Gay Lirette 11aW-P
Clay and Fran Higgins  – Purple ribbon – Div2 Collection: Banker, Honeybourne, Homestead, Golden Strand, Hambledon
Bob and Lina Huesman: Lavender: mite; N.j. henriquesii, Tete-e-Tete, Fenben, Little Becky
Red White and Blue – Elizabeth Brown: Silver Falls- R&E Havens; Swift Arrow Mitsch; New Penny Pannil; Magic Lantern R&E Havens; Pops Legacy WA Bender
Clay and Fran: Maroon Ribbon
Clay and Fran: Bozievich Ribbon
Susan Appeal :  Aqua Ribbon
Clay and Fran: Watrous Ribbon
I was pleased with the selection of the double daffodil, Muster with five of nine votes, as the white ribbon over Rapture, Kokopelli, and Homestead.  Second place was Homestead with four out of the nine votes

Clay Higgins

2 responses to “Northeast North Carolina Daffodil Show”

  1. Bill Lee says:

    Congratulations on a successful first for a new group, Clay. You sure brought in some of the big guns to help, but the participation of the locals is very encouraging!
    Starting a new group and putting on a new show is no small amount of work. However, you and Fran are good at rolling up your sleeves and just getting it done.
    Bill Lee

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  2. Clay Higgins says:

    Thanks for that continuing support that you have given me over the many years I have been in Daffodils.  Fran and I both enjoy you and your postings.  You are a good friend.

    Clay Higgins