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March 30, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Standards

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Hi Everyone,
This is the first of many unknown daffodils that I dug on my trip to Louisiana last year.  This little beauty was dug in Arkansas on the return trip.  I will be asking for your help identifying them over the next few weeks, as they bloom for the first time in their new home.
This flower bloomed two or three days earlier than Tete’a’Tete and Rijnveld’s Early Sensation.  It was quite fragrant for the first several days but it no longer has any fragrance.  The flowers are from 7-9″ tall and the flower is a little over 2″ wide.  The cup is the same length as the petals.  I would say the color is a clear lemon yellow with the trumpet being a shade or two deeper and having more substance.
I would really appreciate your help.

2 responses to “Please help identify”

  1. Clay Higgins says:
    Since I am originally from southern Arkansas, there were a lot of Princeps growing on the old farms.  I went back after 30 years and captured a wild daffodil growing in a cow pasture that was former the yard where I grew up.  It was Princeps.  To me Princeps is a little more course than daffodils today, however, the thing that seems to distinguish them is that the petals come off about 1/3 of the way up the cut, instead of modern daffodils that the petals and the cup come off the same base.
    If the photo is correct, I’d say this isPrinceps.
  2. Joe Hamm says:

    I would have to say this is N. pseudonarcissus or a variant of…….. if the perianth becomes more white then it might be Princeps which is a 1 W-Y pre 1830 and blooms slighly later than the N. pseudonarcissus here in Indiana and in Pennslyvania…….

    Indianapolis, IN, and Buffalo Village, Washington, PA
    ‘Historic, just like his bulbs’