Seattle Show

March 2, 2008

Category: Shows

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Does anyone know contact details for whoever is running the new Seattle Daffodil Show.  I have had a query and don’t know the answer!

Best wishes for a great season, Nial

2 responses to “Seattle Show”

  1. Laura Baxter says:

    Her name is Diana Neeley and it will be a one day show on a Monday, when my computer crashed just around newsyear, I lost my entire address book and I need to get in touch with her, I thought I had her number on my cell, bit that was an old analogue one and I had to get an update as well.  So I think Kirby has one and our club members need to get in touch with her as well.  So who ever had it, can they give it to me as well. 
    Laura Baxter

  2. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:

    The address I have for her is  title=, though when I wrote her last spring about offering a prize for their show, I never heard back.  Maybe the address is wrong.
    Mary Lou