Keith Kridler, Texas

Siam 2W-P

March 17, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Standards

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One of my older customers went to Siam for their honeymoon. The wife loved that trip and bought this daffodil when it was first available. She has been gone about 20 years now but I still have about 9 bulbs of this in bloom this morning. I went by their old homeplace Sunday as they always had clumps of them in bloom. All of her old fashioned flower beds are manicured now and all of her bulb collection is gone but across the street at an old house there were three or four big clumps of this in bloom. I thought about pickin’ or digin’ em up…..But these blooms are from my bulbs. They open a creamy yellow and nod down just like their pollen parent, Mrs. RO Backhouse. They are a soft pink for about a day or two. Longer if we have a cool spring. Then they bleach out and die with an antique cream colored cup again….I had a bloom in this collection showing the last gasp but just could NOT bring myself to include this in the picture.
Question on the size of photos actually needed for daffseek!!! The original file on this is 1.56 MB. I shoot everything at 8 mega pixels at 2448 X 3264 size.
If possible I will try in the future to shoot at least 7 blooms as this gives a better overall idea of the blooms the average person is going to find in the garden. Do you all think it would benefit photo’s like this that need to go into Daffseek to actually have some of the blooms turned so that you can see the back side of the blooms???? These were not tweaked or twisted or bent up or down but are just as they were picked from the bulbs. By age these are nodding down as they open but at maturity they are looking up nicely. You see four fresh blooms and then three on the down hill slide. Keith Kridler Mt. Pleasant, Texas rushing to get things picked as we are just going under our fourth weather alert for the next two days. Huge storm coming with warnings spanning our four state area.

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