The Daffodil Society Award for outstanding service to the Daff…

March 12, 2008

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Is this different than the Peter Barr Cup announced earlier or the same thing?  Either way, well deserved!!

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  1. Kathy Welsh says:

    In a message dated 3/12/2008 9:35:56 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  title= writes:

    Hi Kathy
    Yes The Daffodil Society award of a Vice Presidency is different to the Peter Barr Trophy in many ways.
    Firstly The Daffodil Society is an independant organisation (Charity) whose soul aims are to promote the growing and exhibiting of daffodils by the means of trials, lectures, publications and displays. Not like the RHS which has it fingers in many pies and has committees for each type of plant or joint committees with other specalised societies.  The Daffodil Society is also the oldest society specialising in Daffodils in the world.
    The award is for life and one of the highest awards The Daffodil Society can bestow on an individual and thus it has to be for outstanding service to the Daffodil.
    The Peter Barr is a trophy where the recipents hold the title for one year and then it is passed on to the next recipient.
    A Vice Presidency of The Daffodil Society can be proposed by anyone who is a member of the the society but has to be firstly endorsed by the executive committee (who are all elected annually) and approved by the full membership at the society AGM.
    At the RHS the award of the Peter Barr is discussed by the daffodil and tulip committee which is unelected but you have to be invited to sit on.
    Yes there is a difference The Daffodil Society awards are presented by enthusiasts to enthusiasts.
    Yes I and the committee agree with you, they have done more than enough to have deserved this award.
    Roger Braithwaite
    Vice Chairman
    The Daffodil Society

    I’m emailing Roger’s response to daffnet just in case I wasn’t the only dummy in the group.  Brian also sent a nice email with an explanation.  As I said earlier, BOTH these awards are certainly well deserved!!  Congratulations to Ben and Nancy.